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Corporate Member Plus 2
This is a 24 months membership
This membership includes 2 member slot(s)

Corporate Member refers to any company, enterprise or other economic organization which has a legal presence in China, provided always that it shall show to the satisfaction of the Committee that it has a substantial nexus with Malaysia, in whom may apply to be a corporate member.

Membership Benefits

  • Company logo and profile on website under Corporate Membership Directory
  • Priority to attend the events and trips organized by other Chambers or Organizations
  • Priority to promote their businesses and services to members in MayCham China and other Chambers as well
  • Access to member only events and enjoy member prices at events
  • Priority invite to government related events    
  • Priority invitation for event sponsorship    
  • Collaboration opportunities to organize events that are aligned with objectives of MayCham China     
  • Access to exclusive event notes and presentations

Conditions for Plus 2 Individual Members:

1). Plus 2 Individual Members no need to pay for Application Fees.

2). Plus 2 Individual Members need to pay Yearly Individual Subscription Fees.

3). Plus 2 Individual Members need to be corporate company employee with valid employment contract.

4). Plus 2 Individual Members' registered email address must be with corporate company email domain.

5). If the Corporate Member Plus 2 Individual Members resign from the company, he/she may choose to continue as Individual Member by notifying MayCham Membership Office to switch their membership status subjected to the approval of MayCham Membership Office.


Membership fee is not refundable and no member is allowed to use the MayCham China brand/logo to promote their company or for any other purpose without the express written permission of MayCham China. 

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Membership Refund Policy

Refunds are not acceptable to members once payment completed.

Please contact or call 021-64158653 for invoice inquiry.