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2021年12月16日,马来西亚半岛突遇罕见暴雨袭击,许多州遭遇50年最严重洪灾。马来西亚某城市的气象站记录了当天的最高日降雨量,相当于平常一个月的降雨量。 超过7万名居民不得不从彭亨州、雪兰莪州、吉兰丹州、吉隆坡、森美兰州和霹雳州撤离。报道称大约有50人死亡。









On 16th December 2021, heavy rain caused by a tropical storm caused chaos in many states of Peninsula Malaysia. A weather station in a city in Malaysia recorded a peak daily rainfall that day, equivalent to one month worth of rainfall. More than 70,000 residents had to be evacuated from the states of Pahang, Selangor, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan and Perak. Around 50 deaths were recorded.

This rainstorm caused massive flooding in many areas in these states, and many highways had to close making it difficult for supply items, food and assistance to arrive. Landslides also happened in some of the sections along major highways. One town was entirely flooded and resulted in catastrophic damages. The last time Malaysia encountered floods of this extent was 50 years ago.

The recovery efforts are now taking place and it is a collective effort of all parties to raise as much as we can to support the efforts back home in Malaysia. To compliment this cause and with the intentions of raising more funds, we will organize a charity bazaar next weekend.

The consequences of this disaster has been felt by Malaysians all over the world, and even our local Chinese friends. With this charity bazaar, we hope you can take time to come and support this charitable cause. Many friends have come together to support this event and will prepare various Malaysian delicacies which will be available for sale during the charity bazaar, together with many other items. All proceeds from this charity bazaar will be channeled to the fund.

A drop of water makes the ocean. We hope with a collective effort from all, we can raise more to support the recovery and relief efforts in Malaysia.

May a better new year lie ahead for all of us, and stay warm during this winter!

See you at the charity bazaar!




  1. 如果您怀疑或您患有 COVID-19,请就医,请勿参加活动。
  2. 过去14天没有与来自疫情中高危风险地区人员有密切接触。过去14天没有去过疫情中高危风险地区。
  3. 在21天以内没有被留观站集中隔离观察或留观后已解除医学观察。
  4. 如果您刚结束14天集中隔离,且正处于7天居家自我健康观察隔离中,请勿参加活动。
  5. 目前没有发热(体温高于37.3摄氏度)、咳嗽、乏力、胸闷等症状。
  6. 如果您在活动期间突然出现发热等症状时,请即使通知现场工作人员,并配合暂时隔离及后续安排。
  7. 带黄、红色健康码或来自其他地区带*行程卡(上海*号除外)的人员将一律禁止进入场地。
  8. 请全程佩戴口罩。

【Safety Guideline】

For the safety of the community and everyone, please note the following guidelines:

  1. Please seek medical attention if you are or suspect you are suffering from COVID-19, and do not attend the event.
  2. Please do not attend the event if you have been in close contact with individual(s) from moderate and high-risk regions over the past 14 days, or if you have been to moderate or high-risk regions in the past 14 days.
  3. Please do not attend the event if you have been under centralized observation or have been released from medical observation within the past 21 days.
  4. Please do not attend the event if you have been released from quarantine and currently serving your +7 health monitoring period.
  5. Please do not attend the event if you have or suspect you have fever (temperature higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius), cough, fatigue, tightness of the chest and/or any other respiratory-related symptoms.
  6. If you have or suspect to have fever and/or any other respiratory-related symptoms during the event, please notify venue staff immediately and cooperate with any temporary isolation measures.
  7. Registrants with Yellow or Red or asterisk sign in Healthcode from other cities(other than * in Shanghai) will be denied entry to venue's premises.
  8. Please wear a mask throughout the event.


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